My Review on “Landing Your First Publication” By Mandy Wallace


“Screw luck,” writes Mandy Wallace, author of the book, “Landing Your First Publication: The Writing Prompts and Publication Strategy for Writers Who Refuse to Rely on Luck.” “Instead, let’s play to the numbers until fate gets the point and rolls over.” This quote, like the other quotes by authors in the book, was written down and saved by me for motivation.

Wallace writes about how she, like many writers, love to collect quotes from other writers as reminders to keep going or for advice on how to start. What the author adds in her book has become something for other writers to hold on to and grasp as well. 

I really enjoyed working through Wallace’s book. I felt as though she was giving me exactly what she was telling me that I would get. I read and worked my way through until the end, and I was left with incredibly valuable information that I will honestly keep with me as I write and publish my own work.

The book gives you more than great prompts; it gives you the steps and the tools to move forward and actually create something. It doesn’t matter what genre you write in, or what you did or didn’t have planned for your writing. The book takes what you are thinking about now and pushes you to actually finish your work so that you can publish it in the near future.

The book makes completing a novel more manageable, rather than looking at the idea of tackling a whole book in a specified period of time. You get to complete a book in increments with help along the way. “Landing Your First Publication” helps you to develop a strategy, and gives you resources as you work step-by-step towards publication.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who has ever wanted to write or who has ever wanted to get their writing published. I will be keeping my copy close by as I continue working on my own publication, and I’ll have to partially credit this book for making my publication happen when it’s all said and done.

The book “Landing Your First Publication” is available for purchase on Amazon.